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Home Gossip Miranda Pak' Ex-Husband Terrence Howard's Net Worth: Detail on His Career and Awards

Miranda Pak' Ex-Husband Terrence Howard's Net Worth: Detail on His Career and Awards

Ayush Rayamajhi Sun Jan, 2018
Miranda Pak' Ex-Husband Terrence Howard's Net Worth: Detail on His Career and Awards

Terrence Howard, who is currently the lead actor in the television series Empire as Lucious Lyon, is the ex-husband of Miranda Pak. Talking about the American actor Howard's net worth, Howard made over $125,000 per episode from his role in Empire. His net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, according to 2016 data.

Miranda Pak, meanwhile, is Howard's third wife, and they have two sons named Qirin Love and Hero. Howard's ex-wife Miranda is a model and a restaurateur, with whom he got married in 2013. Later in 2015, Miranda Pak and her ex-husband filed for divorce.

Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Miranda Pak

Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Miranda Pak

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Terence has done an incredible job in Fox's Empire. In the show, he has been appearing as Lucious Lyon since 2015. Besides, the 48 years old actor has also done an incredible job in the movie, Crash, and Hustle & Flow.  

Terrence Howard's Net Worth, Salary, Income Sources

Terrence Howard's primary source of income is his career in Fox's Empire. Talking about his salary in the series, he earns $175,000 per episode as per the update in Oct 2016. His performance in Empire as Lucious Lyon highly attributed to the increment of his net worth. From of 2016, his net was estimated to be over $6 million.

Terrence Howard as Lucious in Empire

Terrence Howard as Lucious in Empire

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Moving towards other works by Howard, he has been highly appreciated for his performance in the films like Crash, Ray, Four Brothers, Hustle & Flow, and Get Rich or Die Trying.



Vaughn aka @frenchmontana is back in the Lyon's den tonight on #Empire

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Howard's second wife Michelle Ghent sued her ex-husband for owing $325,000 which he had to pay for spousal support. Terrence claimed that he was blackmailed during the time of settlement and mentioned that he was only earning $5800 at that time and couldn't afford that much of money to his ex-wife Michelle.

Talking about the divorce settlement, Terence was obliged to pay a significant part of his income from his career to his first wife for the child support. Thus, Terrence financial conditions had deteriorated by the time he was offered a role in Empire as Lyon King in 2015. His economic status eventually improved as was paid $175,000 per episode of Empire.

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Terrence's House, Car, Properties.

Terrence drives a luxury car Escalade manufactured by Cadillac. The car costs $45,000 and can escalate to 60 mph in just 7 seconds. Terrence is mostly seen wearing suits, and we must say he looks damn good in the attire. Even in Empire, he is mostly seen fitted in a suit. we must agree.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard

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besides, Terrence also owns an apartment in Chicago which he opened up in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

Terrence's Past Affairs, Relationships, and Marriage

Terence has been married thrice including to her ex-wife Miranda Pak. Lori McCommas was Howard's first wife with whom he got married in 1994. Howard and his ex-wife Lori had three children together, including two daughters and a son.

Howard and his first wife Lori filed for a divorce for the first time in 2000, however, before their divorce could be finalized, they changed their mind choosing to stay together. But, as we say, fate had something else for them as they again filed for divorce a few years later which was finalized in 2007.




Howard second marriage was a commercial production employee, Michelle Ghent. They do not have any children together as they got divorced soon after Michelle's ex-husband Howard was accused of being physically abusive towards her.



Miranda Pak was Howard's third wife with whom he has two children, both sons. But shockingly in 2015, Howard ended his relationships with 40-years-old Miranda. He revealed about his divorce in a statement to the New York Daily News.

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