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Home Gossip Millionaire Jon Cryer is married to Lisa Joyner

Millionaire Jon Cryer is married to Lisa Joyner

Richa Wed Mar, 2016
Millionaire Jon Cryer is married to Lisa Joyner

Jonathan Niven “Jon” Cryer who is popularly known as Jon Cryer is married for the second time. Right after he got divorced with Sarah Trigger in 2004 he was totally disappointed for a moment. He was the father of a child and a romantic boyfriend of Sarah. But he did not gave time to his love life after they got married was the major reason for their divorce. This made the couple to move to the different portion of their life. Jon was sad for some moment because their love journey started in 1999 but could not succeed for many years of time.

Jonathan now is totally happy with his married life that was turned after their affair. According to Jon getting divorce form the first married life was a good sign for the brightness that came for the second time in his life. He got married with Lisa Joyner and their knot was tied in year 2007 is a complete story as a spouse by now. Even John promised never ever to get separated as a result of divorce from each other. Jonathan is now a successful father and responsible among his children giving a complete time.

The British actress Sarah is also happy seeing his current married life. His elder son Charlie Austin who was born from his first marriage is also living along with him by now. Jon elaborated his affair life was less romantic than his current married life. Jon has also posted their latest pictures in his personal pages which have been liked by many of their fans. Even he seems he is celebrating amazing time with his family in their latest vacation. Jon is healthy with his net worth as earning and credit all of his success to his beloved wife from whom he got all the care and support.