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Date of Birth: 1 , January-15
Age: 19 years old
Birth Nation: United States
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Although Millie Knight began her career in skiing later in her life, her yearning for skiing began right at the age of seven when she went to France on a skiing holiday. Then, her mother encouraged her to take part in World Championships and inspired to take up the sports competitively, when she met sit-skier Sean Rose. 

After that, at the age of 13, she started training with Great Britain’s Paralympic development squad. Then, she raced at the Europa Cup in giant slalom. Finally, in 2013, Knight was assisted by Rachael Ferrier as a sighted guide.

In 2014, at the age of 15, she debuted in Winter Paralympics in Sochi and became the youngest ParalympicsGB competitor at any Winter Paralympics. She was also the flag agent at the opening ceremony, carrying the flag at the Fist Olympic Stadium.

She participated for the ParalympicsGB in the slalom on 14 March and on March 16 in giant slalom. She then participates in the Queen Baton Relay, and later traveled to Canada to compete at the Alpine Skiing World Championship in Panorama Mountain Village

Thereupon, Knight teamed up with Brett Wild, the fellow contender of Knight's coach Euan Bennet on the Scottish ski team. After a short initial meet at the training camp, they, finally in December 2015, competed at the World Cup finals in Aspen, Colorado. At the event, the pair won two downhill and super-G and a third place in the giant slalom.

Similarly, in the run-up to the World Para-Alpine Skiing Champions in Tarvisio, Italy, Knight took home 11 medals including seven golds in the month leading up to a championship.

Following the recent World Championship in February, she has been out of action as she suffered a concussion as a result of a crash at the World Cup Finals in March in South Korea. Well, she was still crowned the World Cup downhill champion for the season.

In July 2017, as a respect, Knight was honored an Honorary Doctor of The University of Kent. 

It seems she is single and not dating anyone. Likewise, as of 2018, in the Paralympics in Pyongchang, South Korea, Knight took home two silver medals on the opening weekend of the Games in the downhill and super-G.

Well, as far as her love life is concerned, she has not been reported of dating or getting indulged in all kind of romantic relationships. Further, there are no reports regarding her personal life that is suggestive of her being in a relationship. Thereupon, it is safe to say, she is single and not dating or married. 

Millie Knight has earned` a huge amount of money from his professional career. As a Paralympic athlete, she has good sources of income and is paid well in terms of salary. It is estimated that his current net worth is around $100 k.

Knight is active in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

Millie Knight

Millie Knight facts on timeline

Born in United States


Millie Knight is a Paralympic student, she was born in Canterbury, Kent. She attended the Great Britain Paralympic skiing and move to compete at international level events.

Debuted Winter Paralympics


At the age of 15, Knight competed in the ParalympicsGB to become the youngest competitor so far. She was the flag bearer at the opening ceremony for ParalympicsGB, carrying the flag at the Fisht Olympic Stadium.

Began racing World Para-Alpine Skiing Championships


She participated in 2017 World Para-Alpine Skiing Championships in Tarvisio, Italy, Knight enjoyed a great deal of success on the World Cup circuit, taking 11 medals including seven golds in the months leading up to the championships.

Received Medals


At 2018, Paralympics in Pyongchang, South Korea.  Knight received two silver medals on the opening weekend of the Games in the downhill and super-G. She also won a bronze in the slalom on the final day of the Paralympics.

net worth of $100 k


As of 2018, Millie Knight, net worth is estimated to be around $100 k.Her significant source of on earning is her professional as a skiing in the Paralympic.