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Home Gossip Millie Bobby Brown age 12 gets first film role in Godzilla Movie

Millie Bobby Brown age 12 gets first film role in Godzilla Movie

Ashmita Karki Thu Feb, 2017
Millie Bobby Brown age 12 gets first film role in Godzilla Movie

Millie Bobby Brown is most widely renowned as Eleven from the Netflix hit ‘Stranger Hits’. Currently, this 12-year-old star is all set to amaze the audience by appearing on the silver screen. Brown will be one of the stars of the sequel of the super hit 2014 film ‘Godzilla: King Of Monsters’.

Looking at Brown’s monster battling character on ‘Strange Things’, we’re quite sure that Brown is going to take her character to another higher level in the Godzilla Sequel.

'Godzilla: King of Monsters' release

Brown starred movie ‘Godzilla: King of Monsters’ will be released on 22nd March 2019 in theaters worldwide. But, the movie’s plot is quite secret at the moment, that’s why Brown’s character details have also been kept as a mystery.

However, to all the Godzilla fans we want to share a little secret, the new Godzilla sequel will be the part of the Kong: Skull Island universe of movies.    

Millie Bobby Brown's career

Despite the fact that the Godzilla sequel is Brown’s first movie role, she has appeared in various other shows such as Intruders, Once Upon A Time in Wonderland and Grey’s Anatomy except for Stranger Hits.

Image: Millie Bobby Brown

Image: Millie Bobby Brown

Source: W magazine

Millie demands as high as 3 million pound

According to a production source, Millie is at a level where her cost is three million pounds per film. Isn’t that huge? The source further claimed that she is not only just talented and hard-working, but also very ambitious and determined.

"Millie has that unquantifiable star quality. She is also extremely talented and hard-working but, above all else, exceedingly driven, ambitious and determined. As of 2017, Millie can expect to earn in excess of £3 million per film – and this will shoot up once she hits 16."


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Even though Brown is only 12 years old, her career plan seems to be very focused and planned.

Millie Bobby Brown during SAG Awards

Brown’s appearance at the 2017 SAG Awards made everyone shocked as she looked as gorgeous as ever. The awards show was attended by Brown along with her ‘Strange Things’ co-stars and the whole team proved that they are style pros.

Brown wore a gorgeous custom-made Giorgio Armani dress. During an interview, Brown revealed that Giorgio Armani had sketched the design for Brown by himself.