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Home News Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in His Bedroom and Leaves a Mark

Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in His Bedroom and Leaves a Mark

Sabina Gartaula Wed May, 2018
Miley Cyrus Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in His Bedroom and Leaves a Mark

Jimmy Kimmel has become a victim of yet another bedroom prank, and this time, it is no other than singing sensation Miley Cyrus.

Kimmel has been known to pull pranks on his guests and audiences, and he is quite good at it. However, since the past three years, he is the victim, and he does not seem to be happy about it.

Back in 2016, he was pranked by Rihanna who barged into his bedroom in the middle of the night, with the help of his wife Molly Kimmel obviously.

She brought some dancer and threw money at the TV host while dancing to her song Bitch Better Have My Money.

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Watch Rihanna's Prank Video Here

The following year, Britney Spears again did the same thing while bringing some shirtless male dancers into his bedroom and making them dance over him.

Watch Spears' Prank Video Here

In 2018, Cyrus has followed in the footsteps of the divas and given a whole new meaning to her song Wrecking Ball.

Like Riri and Spears, she cooperated with Jimmy’s wife Molly and barged into his house in the middle of the night with a sledgehammer, a man dressed as a wrecking ball and much more.

As she enters Kimmel’s bedroom, the song hits in, and she trashes his bed with what seems like foams. She and the wrecking ball then get on his bed and start dancing while Cyrus hits Kimmel with her fake sledgehammer.

However, unlike the other two pranks which were utterly harmless, Cyrus accidentally hits Kimmel in his private spot making him very uncomfortable for a few minutes.

Watch Miley Cyrus' Prank Video Here

When the performance is over Kimmel even says, ‘You hit me right in the balls,’ while Cyrus replies, ‘It is called Wrecking Ball.’

Kimmel shared the footage of the vicious prank on Jimmy Kimmel Live with his Monday’s audience. He even shared how he felt about the prank saying:

For whatever reason, I have become the victim of an unusual prank multiple times. I thought that was that, but I guess this is a series now because the other night, yet another music superstar barged into my dreams. This time, I was the victim of a very loud, young woman named Miley Cyrus.