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Mike Jerrick

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Birth Name: Mike Jerrick
Date of birth:
Birth Country: United States
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch
Birth Sign: cancer
Age:   67 Years
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Michael Eugene Joseph is professionally known as Mike Jerrick, is a news Anchor and former co-host of the morning program "The Morning Show with MIke and Juliet" along with Juliet. Mike was born in Wichita, Kansas and attended Chaplain Kapaun Memorial high school. He completed his Bachelor degree in journalism from the University of Kanas. He began his career in Journalism at Topeka's WIBW TV in Kansas.

Jerrick is an American citizen belongs to the white ethnicity. His age is about 67 years old till date. He has a height of 5.10 ft.. MIke married Joy Jerrick but due to some diseases, his wife passed away. The couple together has two children; daughters Jessica and Jill.

Mike Began his career in journalism at "Topeka's WIBW TV" in Kansas and later moved to WNYN as presenter and producer. During the mid 80's he worked for the "USA NETWORK" at the Afternoon talk show Alive and Well. Before moving to sci-fic channel "SCI-FI BUZZ" Mike also served for the HBO's World Entertainment Report. 

Later Mike announced his candidacy for the Mayer of Philadephia for 2015 election. The announcement was made all over the Philadephia that he received a large supports from his relatives, friends, and followers. However, later it was revealed that someone was making him an April fool and he didn't have those big supporters.

On January 2017, Jerrick was suspended by Fox 29 for abusing Trump Advisor Kellyann Conway by using an unmannered word that she is "Good at Bullshit" on the live show. Later he apologized for his mistakes the Fox 29 welcomed him again on 30th January.

Talking about Mike's love affair he was dating MC Donald before their engagement. Later in 2014, he engaged with the beautiful girlfriend Mc Donald.

As of 2017, Eugene Joseph's estimated net worth is around $2 million. According to some source, Mike gets a grand salary. He lives in a fancy house which has an area of 500 sq. ft. that cost him about $500K. Looking towards his hobbies he likes enjoys doing adventure activities.

Mike Jerrick

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Born In Wichita kansas

1950 3rd of July

Mike was born in Wichita, Kansas and attended the Chaplain Kapaun Memorial high school. He completed his bachelor degree in journalism from the University of Kansas.  


Career in Journalist


During the mid 80's he worked for the USA Network in the afternoon talk show Alive and Well. Before moving to sci-fic channel SCI-FI BUZZ. Mike also served as the HBO's World Entertainment reporter.


Death of Mike Wife


Mike married to Joy Jerrick but due to some disease, his wife passed away. The couple together has two children; both are daughters, Jessica and Jill.


Engagement with his beautiful Girlfriend


Talking about his love affair he was dating Mc Donald before engaging with her. later in 2014, he got engaged to the beautiful girlfriend MC Donald.


Candidate as mayor for Eelection


Mike announced his candidacy for the Mayer of Philadephia for 2015 election. This was announced all over the Philadephia. For that Jerrick received a large support. however, later it was revealed that the news for his support was fake; someone was making him an April fool.


total net worth of Mike


As of 2017, his estimated Net worth is $2 Million. According to some wiki sites, Mike gets grand salary and likes adventure. He used to live expensively life style.

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