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Home Gossip Michelle Keegan elaborates about her Wedding dress- First Look of her

Michelle Keegan elaborates about her Wedding dress- First Look of her

Richa Mon Jul, 2016
Michelle Keegan elaborates about her Wedding dress- First Look of her

Finally, former Corrie star, Michelle Keegan, has revealed her gown and she looks absolutely stunning. She kept media guessing and made people think about her wedding dress. But now finally it has been revealed among the people and her looks with the dress is jaw dropping.

This beautiful lady is married to TWIE favorite Mark Wright. They got married in a star-studded ceremony which is located on Burt St. Edmunds. She kept her gown in secret and away from the media so as to keep that surprise factor while she actually wore it.

During the special day looking towards the very first snap, she was not looking that happier. This couple posed on Hello! Magazine and they explained their day came true with the success of marital ceremony.

This beautiful actress, the brunette beauty made up her outfit by her own concept. Her perfect figure, curves and body features are posed in the first official snap and can be easily downloaded.

This wedding gown is backless and bespoke ivory. This gown is made at Browns Bride by Galia Lahav. Additionally, the outfit is adorned along with Swarovski Crystals and French Lace. Perfectly measured, this outfit is showed off with her glowing tan and clings to the star’s fame.

She made herself very comfortable with the dress and it was matching with her hair into a ponytail. Her hair is swept and can be explicitly seen in the picture. She moved with her husband to Pennyhill Park located in Surrey. According to them, they are planning to spend more qualitative time together which makes strong bonding together.

More than this, Mark is even planning to surprise his wife with an amazing gift making her believe that she is a special person in his life. With her wedding dress more pictures can be seen as she spent a heavy sum of net worth for the wedding.

Her parents are also happy seeing the spouse together as they were wishing for the moment to appear from an early age and that completed its height this day.