Michael Symon and Liz Shanahan sharing their moments

Updated On 05 Apr, 2016 Published On

Michael Symon looks like he is totally busy these days. The reason behind his busy schedule is not only his restaurant but also his married life. Michael being such a popular chef in America as well as holding the position of television personality and writer of top cooking books he also got awarded as James Beard Foundation Award because of his best work and performance. His works within Cooking Channel is followed by many people all across the world and his cooking therapy tips are such an amazing, easy and catchy in nature. Michael has high contribution within periodicals that most includes Bon Appetit Esquire has been made him become noticeable.

Being busy with his work schedule he is also capable enough in making time to his love life. His spouse is the collaborator of his restaurant whose name is Liz Shanahan. Two years before the got married met each other and started their affair. In the preliminary time, Liz was not sure with her boyfriend and was confused to become his wife. But the dedication and commitment shown by Michael made her think to get forward in their relationship ahead. Michael is happy with his earning of net worth indicating himself in the list of richest celebrity cook in the list of the year.

Michael popularity is not only seen in the public frame itself but it can also see attached in social networking space as well. His cooking tips are forwarded through the social channel which is acknowledged by his fans. Michael because of this is also popular with a high collection of fans. He has never been any controversy related to his love life and also because of his supportive wife in his career made him get strongly bounded into the relationship. Michael credits his success to his partner who is the backbone of his career.