#MeToo Movement Activist Asia Argento Settled Sexual Assault Complaint against her

Updated On 20 Aug, 2018 Published On

One of the top activists of the #MeToo Movement Asia Argento has settled a sexual allegation case against her. 

The 42 years' old Italian actress recently settled the case filed by the actor and musician Jimmy Bennett. The Polar Express actor claimed that the actress had sexually assaulted him when he was just 17 years' old

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According to the lawsuit, Argento and Bennett previously worked together in a movie and were shooting in California in 2013. While they were there, Argento and the actor had sex at their place of accommodation. 

It's not wrong to have sex but, Jimmy was just 17 at that time, and the age required for such in California is 18. 

According to the actor, that incident mentally disturbed him and indirectly hurt his career. This incident traumatized his income and performance at his job. In addition to that, his health also took a downhill path. 

The sexual assault case was allegedly settled by Asia financially. Argento paid as much as $380 thousand to the 22 years' old actor to settle the case. The proof of Jimmy's lawsuit came as a selfie of Argento and the actor together in bed. 

YouTube: Asia Argento paid Jimmy Bennett $380K

Asia Argento had become a leading figure in the #MeToo movement after she reported that the Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein raped her at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997. She was 21 years' old during that time. 

The lady continued to have an extended relationship with the producer due to his power. She was afraid of angering him and stain her career with his anger. 

Harvey has already been indicted on sex charges involving other three women, not including Argento in the list. He was indicted of the charges such as rape and criminal sexual act by the New York City Grand Jury on Wednesday, May 30

According to the reports, Harvey was indicted for two counts of rape, one of which was for force and sexual misconduct while the other was for two counts of rape.