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Home Gossip Meteorologist Kelly Cass married husband Chris Bee and have three children

Meteorologist Kelly Cass married husband Chris Bee and have three children

Ashmita Karki Wed Nov, 2016
Meteorologist Kelly Cass married husband Chris Bee and have three children

Kelly Cass is a renowned journalist who is married to Chris Bee. Cass and Bee make a perfect pair. The love between them is really strong and their bond is unbreakable. It has already been so many amazing years of their togetherness as a married couple. But still, Cass and Bee seem like any young lovers in love. Let’s find out more about this inspiring couple.

Kelly Cass is married to Chris Bee

Despite being so famous, Cass is kind of mysterious when it comes to her personal life. Therefore, she has not revealed much about her husband and family. You will be amazed to know that Cass had even kept the name of her husband mysterious some time ago.

Image: Kelly Cass

Cass and Bee have three amazing children together. The fact that this loving couple already has three kids indicated that they must have tied the knot many years ago.

Who is Kelly Cass' husband?

Cass’s husband Bee is a great dad and amazing husband. He used to work at Ambassador Lift Trucks in the past. At present, he works as a sales representative for Dennison Trailers-South. Bee is a football fan and is the supporter of Arsenal Football team. Apart from his profession and interest, it seems like Bee is attached to his family very much. In fact, his official Twitter account’s info says: ‘My Family are my World’. 

Image: Kelly Cass

Kelly Cass’ have three Children

Cass and Bee have three adorable children. However, Cass has not revealed much information about her children. It seems like she wants to keep her kids out of reach of media. On 24th September 204, Bee had announced that they were expecting their third child when Cass was pregnant. But after that, they didn’t share any information. We believe that Cass and Bee’s third child was born healthy without any issues. At present, Cass had a complete family of five with her husband and three adorable children.

Apart from children, the Cass family also has an adorable guinea pig and a cute dog as their pet.

Kelly Cass and Chris Bee's relationship going well

Cass and Bee have been married for several years. Despite being so busy, Cass always took out time for her husband and family. She has never cheated on her husband. That’s why this adorable couple never had to pass through the bitter experience of divorce. We hope they would not in the future too. 

Image: Kelly Cass

More about Kelly Cass

Kelly Cass was born on 27th November 1973. She is an Adelphi University graduate. She also completed her international studies from the Yonsei University, Korea, and a broadcast meteorology graduate from Mississippi State University. That’s why we can say that Cass is a learned woman. She is a successful journalist and a weather reporter. You can find Cass during each weekend on AMHQ.