Meryl Davis Engaged to her boyfriend Fedor Andreev; Flaunts her engagement ring; Their relationship

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Have you always been fascinated by Olympian Ice Dancer's skill and beauty? If yes, then you might be one among the thousands who follow Ice Dancers and have an interest in their lives. Today, we have brought some great news regarding Olympian Ice Dancer Meryl Davis. She recently showed off her new bling piece which is a not an Olympic medal but something else. Any guesses?

Just in case you might get confused, Davis announced on her Instagram a few days ago that she got engaged to her boyfriend, a former professional figure skater, Fedor Andreev. Find out more in details:

Meryl Davis shows off her huge engagement ring

On Davis' Instagram post, she appeared to be hugging her new fiancé cleverly enough to just get all the attention to her huge diamond ring. Considering the beauty of Davis' new rock, we must admit that Andreev has a great choice.


• 7/13/17 •

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The image was captured in Stinson Beach, California and it was captioned: "• 7/13/17 •" This makes us aware that 13th July was the day when Davis' beau asked her the big question.

Relationship of six years; Adorable Couple Davis and Andreev

Even though Davis had a great chemistry with her ice skating partner Charlie White, she has been dating Andreev for more than six years already. They live together in Birmingham, Michigan.

Meryl Davis got engaged to her beau of six years Fedor Andreev with a Canary yellow diamond ring

Meryl Davis got engaged to her beau of six years Fedor Andreev with a Canary yellow diamond ring

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Even though they do not have children yet, they own a mini sheep-doodle pooch named Bilbo Baggins whom they love like their own child.


???? • ?? • ???

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If you don't believe us, you might want to check Davis' Instagram which is filled with the cute doggie's photos.

Meryl Davis relationship with her beau Fedor Andreev

Over the past years, Davis' has made all the men jealous by posting adorable photos with her spouse. From 11th Annual Skating With The Stars Gala appearance to celebrating Valentine's Day together, they have been successful in impressing everyone.  

Figure Skaters Meryl Davis and Fedor Andreev Are Engaged! Relive Their Cutest Moments:

There is no denial to the fact that Davis and her partner make up a great pair. Since the pair has similar professional root, they seem to understand and support each other pretty well. The pair look really good together, complementing each other

Meryl Davis with her beau of six years Fedor Andreev

Meryl Davis with her beau of six years Fedor Andreev

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Despite the years, Meryl Davis and Fedor Andreev has maintained their love affair quite well. Now that they have engaged to get married, we can't wait to see them tie the knot. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple on their exciting news. 

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