Men Arrested and Charged With Murder After 2 Women Found Dead in South Carolina

Updated On 08 Apr, 2019 Published On

Two men, namely Jonathan Galligan, 39, and Christian Hulburt, 41, were arrested in connection with the deaths of two women, Christin Renee Bunner, 27, and Melissa Fairlee Rhymer, 40, whose bodies were discovered buried on a property in South Carolina on Friday, April 5.

They were taken into custody after one of the suspects confessed to killing one of the women after attempting on his own life. He confessed his crime from a hospital bed.

According to the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office, the suspects charged with murder on Saturday, April 6, after the bodies of the women were found dead in Spartanburg.

Sheriff Chuck Wright told FOX Carolina,

I cannot imagine somebody coming in telling me that they found my child. Especially in the condition that they were in.

Authorities were alerted to the bodies at the scene. Hulburt didn't comply with commands of the officers and eventually shot himself in the head with a gun.

He was taken to a hospital where survived the gunshot wound. Hulburt confessed at the hospital that Galligan killed Bunner before he helped him bury her behind the home.

Police said that Bunner, who was the girlfriend of Galligan, had been reported missing in December.

Hulburt, then confessed that they had buried a second woman on the property. She was killed at the home in January 2019 and buried near the grave of Bunner.

Both of the suspects have been charged with murders of the two women.

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