Melissa Rauch and husband Sebastian Stan discusses sex scene

Updated On 07 Apr, 2016 Published On

Melissa Rauch and her handsome on-screen husband Sebastian Stan discussed their sex scene on the gymnastics comedy The Bronze. The Bronze opened at the 2015 Sundance festival and starred the couple. Melissa, who has been known for her endeavors as an actress, particularly in the TV show The Big Bang Theory, was shown as a washed-up Olympic winner who clings to her glory days.

Melissa, who wrote the script of The Bronze, gave herself a foul- mouthed character with rough edges. She managed to appear as an antihero on the screen and she let out the details about the raunchy sex scene between her and her husband on the movie.

Sebastian Stan, the on-screen husband of this beauty, and Melissa had a wild sex scene in the movie. The scene was well discussed in the news tabloids and the couple had no fear in admitting all the details associated with it, in the several interviews they gave after the filming of the movie. They have revealed information that the crazy gymnastics sex scene was actually written by the couple themselves and some portions of the scene were also acted on by the body doubles of the pair.

Sebastian has been known for his roles in the Captain America movies and Rauch has managed to bag up a huge net worth by playing the role of Bernadette on The Big Bang theory. The actual husband of this beauty is named Winston Rauch. They started and affair on 2006 and she got married to her boyfriend on 2007. The relationship of the couple has been going on pretty well with no imminent signs of a divorce. With the cool attitude of Melissa towards the sex scene and the affirmative behavior of her real husband, it does not seem that the sex scene will actually have any impact on the relationship of the couple.