Melania Trump comes out in open to #StopBullying

Melania Trump comes out in open to #StopBullying

With the US Presidential Elections just round the corner, the candidates are trying it all hard to impress the voters and get the maximum support on their side. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are busy with rallies and trying it all so hard to get the votes so they can be the next future for America.

The Republican Party nominee for the US Election’s 2016 Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump in one of the rallies gave her view as to how she would like to stop the social media bullying which is the cause of maximum deaths in the world today.

Melania added that if she becomes the first lady she would put a hold and end on the insults and ridicules that take place in the social media based on looks, color, and gender.

Donald Trump too came out in support of his wife and tweeted about how he was exceptionally proud of her.

However for Melania who does not have a good response for her speeches although tried to bring out her concern on a very important topic was given the lamest remarks and comments. The Twitter users it did not go well with the speech of Melania Trump as the reactions they gave were totally opposite as expected. In fact, Melania was ridiculed over her thoughts she gave targeting how her husband Donald Trump is the biggest bully of all time.