Megyn Kelly Left Fox News and Signed up with NBC for $15 million, Will Interview Vladimir Putin

Updated On 16 Oct, 2017 Published On

Megyn Kelly after leaving Fox News has signed up with NBC for $15 million and she will debut on NBC with a show which is surely going to gather a lot of attention. After all, she will be interviewing one of the most powerful presidents in the world, Vladimir Putin. The show will air from May.

Megyn passed on Fox Network's $25 million worth offer and joined NBC. This decision may have been affected by the numerous harassment cases that Foxe's big officials have been through lately. Megyn Kelly left the Fox News and will reportedly travel to Russia and have a conversation with Russian president Putin.

Who fixed Megyn Kelly and Vladimir Putin's meeting?

The meeting was fixed after NBC News chief Andy Lack made an official visit to Russia and met private officials of Putin. The meeting will be held at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum where Kelly will moderate a session economic forum which will be held from June 1st to Third June.

 Megyn Kelly will Interview Russian president Putin on May

 Megyn Kelly will Interview Russian president Putin on May

The one on interview with Russian president is a big news and to start a show with a big story is surely going to give a big kickstart to Megyn's career. We this time get to see the point of view of Russian Head of Government and one of the world's most powerful country's head present his point of view towards American Government and politics. 

Megyn Kelly took $15 million as a signing amount for NBC's upcoming show

The NBC is reported to have paid Kelly about $ 15 million for a year contract for the show. Other than getting a hyped meeting with Putin she is set to interview The Kardashian which will be her other hot story she would cover this month.

The whole NBC team seems to be excited to get one of the famous Fox journalists. We will surely see some quality content on Kelly's show as her personality has always gained public attention in Fox as well.

NBC's another star Matt Lauer's team is liquidating after Megyn Kelly joined NBC

Matt Laure is NBC's superstar and Kelly's transfer from Fox to NBC can be problematic to Laure as Today's show may have to shift from 9 Am to another time frame which possibly will air from 10 A.M.

Matt Lauer's team is liquidating after Megyn Kelly joined NBC

Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer

Other then shift of the show Lauer is facing some issue of producer and team mate's shifts as people are viewing Kelly's arrival to the network as the next big thing in NBC.