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Home Gossip Megyn Kelly for NBC asked Indian PM Narendra Modi If he has Twitter

Megyn Kelly for NBC asked Indian PM Narendra Modi If he has Twitter

Jharna Prasai Tue Jun, 2017
Megyn Kelly for NBC asked Indian PM Narendra Modi If he has Twitter

Well, well, well, Megyn Kelly is once again on headlines in all social networking sites and especially on Twitter after she asked Indian PM Narendra Modi if he uses twitter.surprisesurprisesurprise PM Modi's fan followers are busy making trolls about Megyn's social media knowledge. NBC's Megyn Kelly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi on Thursday in St. Petersburg. And inadvisedly asked Modi about his Twitter use in the interview.

Megyn is very successful  American political commentator, journalist and former corporate defense attorney who is currently working with NBC after working for FOX for more than six years. 

Read the full article to know more about the Modi's Twitter questions and trolls.

Megyn questioned Modi if he uses Twitter

Megyn should have done some social media homework before asking such a silly question to Indian PM Narendra Modi. winkwink

NBC tweet a video of  Megyn meet with PM Modi and President Putin,

Megyn was meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Modi at St.Petersburb before their Russia's annual International Economic Forum. And while they're introducing each other, PM Modi said to Kelly about her tweet she uploaded that day saying that it stopped raining in St.Petersburb;

I saw your tweet with the Umbrella!

Kelly responded "Oh Yes!" and without thinking a lot she asked PM Modi,

Are you on Twitter?

That was just a casual question, but Megan's question did not go unnoticed by Modi's 30.3 million+ Twitter followers and others on other social media. Modi's followers mocked Megyn for her apparent ignorance about PM Modi's social media presence.

Video: Megyn Kelly Asks PM Narendra Modi Are you on Twitter ?? 

Check out Megyn's Umbrella Twitter,

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Megyn gets Trolled by Modi's Followers

Not only Indian PM Modi is on Twitter, but Indians would also even argue that he is one of the Preeminent political figures on the social media. According to few tabloids, the third most followed world leaders on Twitter.

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Megyn Kelly asked Indian PM Modi if he uses Twitter.

Megyn Kelly asked Indian PM Modi if he uses Twitter.

Source: NBC News

And after Kelly's Twitter question, Modi's followers were all over the social media making trolls about her social network knowledge. We can see few tweets below;


One of Modi's followers compared Megyn and Modi's Twitter followers,

Modi had used the social network to connect his constituents before other leaders like President Trump did. He is also titled as the Social Media Politician, so, Megyn's twitter question was obvious something to talk about.

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