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Home Gossip Meghan Ory: Once upon a Time is coming in season 5 as Ruby

Meghan Ory: Once upon a Time is coming in season 5 as Ruby

Richa Thu Jun, 2016
Meghan Ory: Once upon a Time is coming in season 5 as Ruby

At last she is back!! Meghan Ory has reprised her role as Ruby for different scenes in the ABC's Once Upon a time Season 5, which commenced on 27 September 2016.

Subsequent to going separate ways with Once Upon a Time to co-feature CBS' Intelligence amid the 2013-14 TV season, Ory most as of late showed up as Ruby in the Season 3 finale, when all of the Storybrooke crushed into Granny's for the Charmings' child naming.

Ory returned to Storybrooke this season to reprise her part as Ruby/Red Riding Hood for numerous scenes in Season 5, as indicated by TV Line. 

Ory initially left Once Upon a Time in 2013 to star in the CBS series Intelligence playing opposite to co-star Josh Holloway, however, the arrangement was canceled after only one season. 

She is appreciated by her fans on Twitter as well and she is hopeful for the appreciation she is receiving from them. Her latest post in twitter #Prayforparis was highlighted by his fans in later time. 

Meghan net worth is estimated around $2 million, as of now. However, she is hopeful to earn around 3 million at the end of the year. 

This 33-year-old actress has an excellent height and body and she definitely knows how to present herself in front of others. She is married to John Reardon and living a happy life. 

She has a good appreciation for her work as Ruby is undertaking many practice session for her best presentation and looks forward. She is hoping to get good feedback from the people. Even her husband is supporting for her progress and fansite. She has stated him as her source of inspiration which is the reason she has not faced any situation like  divorce. 

With her return to the show, fans are very excited and lets hope she will also return for the next season.