Meghan McCain Set to Return to 'The View' After Father John's death

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Meghan McCain is all set to return to 'The View', after more than a month months of his father John McCain's death. The television personality, 33, announced on Monday, September 1, that we will be watching her on the talk show on October 8.

Meghan has been absent from the ABC hit show since its season premiere on September 4.

A source told PEOPLE,

She’s still in intense grief and will be sharing that on the show, but it was her brother, Jimmy, who was insistent on her going back to work, like their dad would have been. Her dad wouldn’t want her to be crying and feeling sorry for herself, but he would want her to be strong, get back to the grind and keep doing the great job that she’s been doing.

The insider continued,

Jimmy kept saying that dad would want Meghan to show them how tough she is, like she showed with her eulogy. Jimmy, his wife Holly and Meghan’s husband, Ben, along with numerous other family and friends, have been such rocks thorough all this.

The former Fox News contributor took to Twitter on Monday to make an announcement about her return, with sharing a quote from Rocky Balboa featuring a sketch of herself in a boxing ring.

She wrote, "I will be getting back on the horse @TheView Monday October 8th."

She added, "Thank you all for your patience & understanding ~ ‘It’s not about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard can you get hit and keep moving forward.’"

He then thanked "Steve Benson & @azcentral? for the pic".

Here's the tweet, check it out.

The View also shared a tweet in support of the television presenter, featuring a promotional video of the cast.

In the video,  she says, "I'm speaking for the middle of the country. I'm not intimidated by anyone. I really like working with people who believe what they're saying."

Here's the clip, Enjoy Watching!

As previously reported, the Senator and the former presidential candidate died on August 25 after battling longtime brain cancer. He was 85.

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