Meghan McCain Cries During Father John McCain's Arizona Memorial Service

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John McCain's friends and family members continue to mourn his death after his brave battle with cancer! Meghan McCain went totally emotional as she stood over her father’s casket at a private memorial service in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday, August 29.

The late politician's wife Cindy McCain patted the flag-draped coffin then leaned over and kissed it. His children including Meghan, who was visibly upset, followed close behind.

When The View host, 33, approached her father's casket at the Arizona Capitol, she started crying before her husband Ben Domenech escorted her; she then stayed close to her brother Jimmy McCain during the service.

CAPTION: Cindy McCain and Meghan McCain (cries) in John McCain's Arizona Memorial Service SOURCE: WKRC

During the memorial before giving praise to Cindy, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said,

Imagining Arizona without John McCain is like imaging Arizona without the Grand Canyon. It's just not possible. You are a model for us and an inspiration. Arizona loves you Cindy McCain.

Later in the day, the Capitol was opened to members of the public to pay tribute to the Arizona Senator.

As previously reported, on Saturday, August 25, the Senator and the former presidential candidate had died at the age of 81 after battling brain cancer for a long time. He reportedly had passed at his Arizona home at 4:28 p.m.

Shortly after John's passing news emerged, Meghan took to Twitter to share a personal letter to fans to express how wonderful of a father John was.

Check it out.

In July 2017, the McCain family revealed that John was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. In December 2017, John was hospitalized for cancer treatment due to the side effects related to his cancer therapy.

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