'McJesus', Ronald McDonald's Jesus Christ Art Sculpture at Israeli Museum Upsets Christians

Updated On 17 Jan, 2019 Published On

An art sculpture of "McJesus" - Jesus Christ modeled as Ronald McDonald - at Haifa Museum of Art in Israel has made Christians upset and angry.

Hundreds of Christians in the Middle Eastern country are protesting the offensive art, calling that it should be removed from the museum. McJesus, which is on display for months in Israel, was previously on display in other countries but there were no issues emerged at the time.

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According to the authorities, rioters have thrown stones and a firebomb at the museum, opposing the art. The incident left three police officers wounded. The crowds were dispersed with tear gas and stun grenades.

According to museum's director Nissim Tal, the uproar was sudden. The protests reportedly sparked by visitors who posted photos of the exhibit online.

The McJesus display is meant to be a criticism of capitalism worship. The museum has hung a curtain over the entrance of the art sculpture amid protests. There is also a sign that says the artwork wasn't intended to offend people.

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