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Home Gossip Matthew Stone Levine; Husband of Sara Aliza Eisen and manager director of Bloomberg

Matthew Stone Levine; Husband of Sara Aliza Eisen and manager director of Bloomberg

Jharna Prasai Wed Jan, 2017
Matthew Stone Levine; Husband of Sara Aliza Eisen and manager director of Bloomberg

The 35 years old handsome, Matthew Stone Levine is the managing editor of Bloomberg Television News. He received his degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed his masters from The University of Sussex in England in International relations. He currently oversees the United States’ network editorial content being the part of Bloomberg.

Matthew is the son of mother, Laura E. Stone who is the former chairman of House of Ruth, Inc and also the former lawyer in Washington, and father, Ezra C. Levine who is the former senior counsel at Morrison & Foerster LLP, a San Francisco law firm.

CNBC Sara Aliza Eisen is the wife of Mathew and is most known for being her husband. The couple used to work together in Bloomberg.

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Matthew career in Bloomberg

Matthew joined Bloomberg Television News years back and is now at the position of managing editor of Bloomberg. The company was founded in 1994 and its headquarter is in the United States of America at New York. The channel looks after business and financial news and provides the global news and market data information.

Matthew and Sara Eisen used to work in Bloomberg together

Sara Aliza Eisen is the current reporter in CNBC News as the host of “Worldwide Exchange” and “Squawk on the Street”. Before working in CNBC, Sara used to work in Bloomberg with Matthew from 2011 to 2013. Matthew and Sara could not continue the relation of a boss and an employee and started dating each other and also could not reveal their relationship in the media.

Video: Sara Eisen at Bloomberg Television

It’s very difficult for the couple to work in the same office and keep it a secret. So, when Sara got a chance to work in CNBC, She left Bloomberg aside and joined CNBC. Sara is now the anchor of CNBC's programs and sometimes also gives her guest appearance in many shows. However, Matt and Sara did not end the relationship and are still together.


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Instagram: Matthew and her wife, Sara in the New Year 2017

Matthew is the second Husband of Sara Eisen

Matthew and Sara kept dating each other even after Sara joined CNBC. The couple got married on May 29, 2016, in New York, one year after their engagement in 2015. Till this date, the couple has not given birth to any children. They are happily enjoying their married life together.

Sara was once married to her long-term boyfriend before getting married to Matthew. Sara has not revealed anything about her first husband. The only thing we know is he is a poet. She gave birth to two sons with her former husband.

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