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Home News Matt Lauer's Ex-Wife Nancy Alspaugh Supports Him 'One Hundred Percent' in Wake of Firing

Matt Lauer's Ex-Wife Nancy Alspaugh Supports Him 'One Hundred Percent' in Wake of Firing

Mahammad Arsad shekh Fri Dec, 2017
Matt Lauer's Ex-Wife Nancy Alspaugh Supports Him 'One Hundred Percent' in Wake of Firing

Nancy Alspaugh, the ex-wife of Matt Lauer, is coming to defense her husband in the wake of his shocking firing from the Today show.

Nancy, who married to Matt in 1981 and divorced in 1988, said that she is supportive of Matt “one hundred percent,” despite the numerous sexual harassment and misconduct allegations which have been brought against him.

Television producer Nancy told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday:

I was shocked because he’s been such a stalwart at that network and in that job. He’s been the best person that’s ever held that job and I couldn’t imagine that anything that he would have done — that would have been so out of character for him — that would have caused that reaction.

On Wednesday, it was announced that 59-year-old Matt had been terminated from his position as an anchor of the NBC morning program after the network received a “detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

Savannah Guthrie opened the show on Wednesday where she read a statement from NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack, in which he stated:

While it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over twenty years he’s been at NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident.

Nancy said about Matt:

I never saw him as a power monger or somebody who would abuse his position in any way,

Since Matt parted ways with the network, his wife said that she has reached out to Matt, but has yet to hear back, “but of course I’ve given him my support. One hundred percent.”

He’s just a very giving person and charming and I think a lot of this stuff is obviously going to come to light, whether it’s true or not, and some of the things that are being stated may not be true. We have to find that out, you know? As time goes on here, people should be aware there’s a family involved here. There are three children and that’s — I think it’s important to be aware that this can destroy a family. Reporting on accusations before they know whether they’re real or not.

Nancy further added that the duo last spoke a week before his firing, when she allegedly “called him to let him know that a reporter had shown up at my door and was saying that some things were going to be coming out,”

And when I called him, he thanked me for the call, and I got the contact of the reporter and he said of course none of it was true.

Although they had divorced nearly 30 years ago, Nancy said that she and Matt have an amicable relationship.

We were very friendly and I, of course, met his current wife, Annette, and we had our children at the same time. I’m very close with his family, with his mother and his sister, and I know they’re all just trying to hang in amidst this firestorm.