Matt Evers A GAY! His Past Relationship With Pamela Anderson, His Current Relationship Stature

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    Matt Evers is an American born model, TV Personality and pair skater best known for his appearance on British TV show Dancing on Ice presented by Phillip Schofield. He has already appeared in 10 seasons of the show from 2006 to 2018 paired with numerous famous faces like Candice Brown, Pamela Anderson, Jorgi Porter, Suzanne Shaw and many others. He won the show back in 2008 when he was paired with Suzanne Shaw and for the 2nd time when he was paired with Jorgi Poter

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    When he was paired with actress Pamela Anderson, he was eliminated in the first week. Moreover, talking about his relationship with the actress, they were in a romantic relationship. They were in the relationship for a year from 2012 and 2013. At the moment, the TV personality has been low profile about his personal life. But recently in 2018, he came out as a gay man and shared some emotional and personal details about it. 

    Matt Evers

    Matt Evers

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    Here we are going to talk about him coming out as a gay, his current relationship and his past affairs. Continue reading to find out more. 

    Matt Evers comes out as gay

    In the January 2018 edition of Attitude magazine, Matt Evers came out as a gay man and shared some personal and emotional information about his sexuality. 

    In the interview issued by Attitude magazine, the model revealed that his coming out as a gay was partially tied to the death of his uncle who was also gay and was banished from the family because of it. According to Matt, his family is strict Catholics and such things were not accepted in the family. 

    20 years back, his uncle died because of a disease related to AIDS and even then he had not realized that he was a gay. And even after he found out that he was, he was scared of coming out of the closet. He was scared that his family would not accept him and it would hurt him a lot. 

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    However, as he came out, he felt very empowered and also aimed to empower others as he was not happy with the political situation of the United States. He also had some strong words against the US President Donald Trump.

    He said, 'Donald Trump has given a voice to the bullies. Trump himself is a bully and I'm very outspoken about that. I live my life by example, and I want to show young people that what you feel or how you were born isn't something bad.'

    Further, Matt shared that the present situation of Gay people in the United States to also be the reason for him coming out as a gay apart from the story of his uncle. He also added that coming out as a gay, he could aware people that being different is not a bad thing or a matter to be embarrassed about. 

    Matt Evers' past relationships. Who is he dating at the moment?

    Previously, Matt was in a relationship with actress Pamela Anderson. They dated from 2012 to 2013. Later, he got married to a woman whose name and identity has not been revealed yet. 

    Matt Evers with ex girlfriend actress Pamela Anderson

    Matt Evers with ex girlfriend actress Pamela Anderson

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    Apart from that, he also has a very close relationship with his Dancing on Ice partner and actress, Jorgi Porter. They two were posted together even after the show numerous times and seemed to love spending time with each other. Moreover, they were featured on each other's Instagram page time and again with some lovely captions. However, neither of them spoke on the topic. They also didn't reveal if they were just a close friends or in a relationship.