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Home Gossip Master P net worth in 2018: He has 45 company with 31 properties and cars

Master P net worth in 2018: He has 45 company with 31 properties and cars

Sandip Dangal Mon Jan, 2017
Master P net worth in 2018: He has 45 company with 31 properties and cars

Among the top-most millionaires, today we are talking about Master P born in New Orleans, Louisiana. P is a businessman, investor, rapper, songwriter, actor, author, and philanthropist. Master P is the stage name of Percy Robert Miller who has his business name, P Miller. Do you know how much he is worth?

Master P, 47, has a net worth of around $375 million. Along with this, he has 13 cars while he owns 31 properties and 45 companies. We are providing you with more details, stay with us. Sign Up now for 2Free Rides use code MasterP

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Master P Net Worth in 2018

Master P is a very famous and successful American rapper who is widely popular for the record label No Limit Records. He has also released a number of albums and produced films which may count more than a dozen. The albums and films were able to make millions of dollars for him, which ultimately helped him to make a good net worth.

Master P has a net worth of around 350 million Dollars. The number may vary according to the time and sources but, it is pretty sure that Master P has a very handsome net worth. The numbers of branded cars are proof of his high net worth.

His wife says that his real estate properties are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia among which she claims 8 of them.

Master P Investments and Endorsements

Apart from his extensive musical career, Master P has made his involvements in series of outside investments and endeavors. He reportedly owns 45 companies. He initially got 10,000 dollars which were inherited to him after the death of his grandfather.

He invested that money in opening a record store No Limit Records. He used that inherited money to erect the $250 million business empire.

He later established the No Limit Enterprises which owns the number of companies such as, No Limit Records, Bout It Inc., No Limit Clothing, No Limit Communication, No Limit Films, No Limit Sports Management, P.M. Properties, and Advantage Travel. These all are the part of Master P's $375 million net worth.

Master P Wife Wanted Share from her husband Property

Master P is married to his wife Sonya Miller since 1989 and he has seven children with her. In 2014, his wife Sonya filed legal documents for divorce. She claimed for nearly 40% of net worth of Master P's net worth which includes 31 properties, 13 cars, 45 companies, and other stuff.

According to the documents she filed, the real estate properties of Master P are spread across Cali, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Sonya claimed for 8 of them. She also wanted one of their three chandeliers. Master P divorced his wife in 2014.

During the year 2009, the famous rapper was ranked as the highest paid hip-hop entrepreneur in the world at that time. In that year, he earned more than $661 million.

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