Marvel finds its Spider-Man Miles Morales, The Dope Actor Shameik Moore will be the next Spider-Man

Updated On 15 Apr, 2017 Published On

After the death of Fictional hero Peter Parker, another superhero rises to protect the streets of New York, who is a young African-American boy with similar abilities that Peter Parker had. Spiderman, Miles Morales' character was inspired by former president Obama and actor Donald Glover's image.

Miles Morales made his comic debut in 2011, now the comic has found it's way to towards animation. Marvel has finally found its Spider-Man Miles Morales. The Dope Actor Shameik Moore will voice the Sony Pictures Animation's upcoming Spider-Man movie.

Shameik Moore in Dope will Play Spider-Man Miles Morales

This time, Spiderman is stronger and has some extra power like venom sting, able to stand on walls with only Legs and camouflage himself to disguise but will have weaker spider sense. 

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Furthermore, Liev Schreiber who played Victor Creed in X-men Origines: Wolverine will be featured as the villain's voice, no further revelation about the movie has been made.

The comic received a mixed review as many people disliked the idea of Peter Parker's death but at the same time lot of the people are taking it in a good way as seeing an African-American Spiderman may increase the confidence level of Hispanic and mixed ethnic children. 

Between a lot of controversies, one thing can be assured that The Dope Actor Shameik Moore will do a full justice to his part as he already has established himself as a proven actor.

He will surely surprise all the audiences who are eagerly waiting for the next generation of Spiderman movie and we are pretty sure Peter Parker lovers will also admire his work.

Moreover, It is always not necessary to have a white Goofy-Geeky kid to be featured as Spidey. The World should learn to respect every human being regardless the ethnicity. So, we look forward to seeing the next generation of spiderman inspired by real life heroes in the theaters soon.