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Home Gossip Marsha Ambrosius pregnant with her boyfriend Dez Billups as they could get married soon

Marsha Ambrosius pregnant with her boyfriend Dez Billups as they could get married soon

Rabina Koirala Mon Aug, 2016
Marsha Ambrosius pregnant with her boyfriend Dez Billups as they could get married soon

From R&B and soul singing, Marsha Ambrosius is all set to be singing lullabies pretty soon. Yes, it’s true! The 39-year-old English singer is pregnant. And the baby girl is due in December. The father? It’s her boyfriend (soon-to-be husband), Dez Billups.

Image: Dez Billups and Marsha Ambrosius

Fans and followers were pleasantly surprised when Marsha announced her pregnancy in April this year. However, she had already dropped major clues during her electric performance at the first annual L.A. Soul Music Festival. She was seen rubbing her baby bump during her performance, especially when saying “Baby” in the lyrics.

Image: Marsha Ambrosius in ESSENCE Festival 2016

Well-wishes and greetings have been flowing for this founding member of Floetry. And both Marsha and her boyfriend Dez seem very happy and very much in love.


Image: Marsha Ambrosius


Image: Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart of Floetry 



31-year-old Dez Billups is the boyfriend and father of Marsha’s unborn child. Marsha Ambrosius met Dez last year during the Floetry reunion tour.

She revealed that Dez was a roadie back then. She was actually planning on staying away from him and definitely not planning to have an affair with him.

“I had no clue who he was. I just knew he was very attractive and a distraction that I was completely set on staying away from”, Marsha said in an interview.

“It was a four-hour walk through Downtown to the ‘hood and back to our hotel. Talking about life, love, family, past relationships, what we were looking for in the future, God, everything. We’ve maybe spent – since then – one day without each other. Maybe two”, this soon to be mother gushed.




Both Marsha and Dez seem to be madly in love with each other. They have shared their private moments on their social networking sites and their comfort and affection are very evident in those sharings.

Talking about the relationship with her soon to be husband, Marsha said, “He made me feel like every love song I’ve ever written. This was what I was talking about. He makes my songs make sense. I listen to them, write them and give them away. But, now I’m in love, I get it. I feel absolutely corny as hell because this is too happy. Who is this happy?” Seriously, who IS this happy!

Image: Marsha with her boyfriend Dez




And then Marsha opened up about her upcoming baby with her beau. “There’s something way bigger than me going on and if I felt it before, I feel it more intensely than I ever did because I’m about to be a mother to a baby girl, future wife to [someone] who is going to make a wonderful husband."

Their weddings plans have not been shared by them. But we know that they like to keep their fans and followers updated about their personal life. So, let's hope they will soon reveal everything there is to know about their marriage and their future children plans.