Married At First Sight Star Dan And Jessika Secretly Plotted Their Affair?

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Daniel Webb And Jessika Power, Two Stars Of Married At First Sight Shared A Steamy Kiss At The Wednesday's Dinner Party

  • Daniel Webb introduced to Married At First Sight as an Intruder couple with Tamara Joy.
  • Jessika Power, a contestant of MAFS flirted with Dan within 70 seconds of his entry.
  • Webb and Power were not actually strangers as per Daily Mail Australia.
  • The two were introduced by a mutual friend Ines Basic.

On the episode of Married At First Sight the ultimate betrayal took place as the Daniel and Jessika intimately kissed at the Wednesday Night Party.

Daniel CAPTION: Daniel Webb And Jessika Power, Two Stars Of Married At First Sight Shared A Steamy Kiss SOURCE: #MAFS

According to the verified source Daily Mail Australia, the new pair was not the strangers to each other at all. 

In the show, it seemed as if they met for the first time at the last night's dinner but the 35 years old car sales broker pre-planned the romance with Jessika,26.

"A fellow contestant of MAFS, Ines Basic introduced the duo before Dan was married to Tamara," a production source claimed.

The Insiders explained, "Ines is very close with one of Dan's best friends, who was also one of the groomsmen at his wedding to Tamara."

As a matter of fact, Ines often used to send the Snapchats of her with Jessika to her friend in Queensland. It was a night when Ines and Dan were together, Dan saw the picture of Jessika and started asking about her.

It was around the time when he followed Power on Instagram and reportedly described Power as a 'proper sort'.

A source added, 'When all this was going on, Dan knew he would be joining the show as an intruder and was just days away from filming his wedding to Tamara. He basically set his sights on Jessika before even meeting Tamara down the aisle. It's so unfair.'

Moreover, it became more interesting when the producers dropped the hint that they were already aware of Dan's plan of the affair.

After the intruder's couple, Dan and Tamara were introduced to original contestants all the people had visibly surprised reaction especially Jessika's.

The relationship expert of MAFS John Aiken commented 'It looks like the new boy Dan is on the radar for Jess'.

On the other hand, Jessika excitedly said to the camera: 'Damn, Dan! He is hot... he is a hunk!' within 70 seconds of his arrival.

Jessika and Dan stole several private moments together in the Party. Jessika whispered in Dan's ears to move out and talk, alone.

After moving out, Jessika told Dan that she came here for love and to find someone that she could connect with.

She added: 'You're a very good looking guy. I can't just walk away from here now after knowing that there could potentially be something with you.'

Jessika CAPTION: Jessika with Mick Gould SOURCE: Nine

Well talking about their own relationships, Jessika said that she had been with Mick Gould for six weeks and didn't felt the chemistry. She continued: 'And I'm not someone to lie and just fake it.'  

Daniel CAPTION: Daniel with Tamara Joy SOURCE: Nine

Similarly, Dan too expressed his unhappiness in his relationship with Tamara Joy and said: 'At the moment with me and Tam, she's a good friend of mine. But sometimes I feel a bit like I'm talking to a wall of brick. She's not a listener type and it's a pretty tough situation - but you're just straight on the money.'

After some private talks, it unexpectedly rained and the pair started to make silly puns.