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Home Gossip Married for six years, Chris Janson and his wife Kelly Lynn a complete family with two children

Married for six years, Chris Janson and his wife Kelly Lynn a complete family with two children

Bimesh Poudel Sat Aug, 2016
Married for six years, Chris Janson and his wife Kelly Lynn a complete family with two children

‘Buy Me a Boat’ hitmaker and the latest American Country music sensation, Chris Janson, is thriving in his role as a caring father and a committed husband. Why wouldn’t he?? The 30-year-old country songwriter has witnessed a surging rise in his musical career after the breakthrough success of ‘Buy Me a Boat’ and is living the time of his life.

Chris Janson accredits all his success solely to his family. He is married to Kelly Lynn, the voice of Veronica Lodge on the Archies Christmas Album and has four babies, two from Lynn’s previous relationship. Now, let's look into deeper on the pair's relationship.

Chris Janson happily married to Kelly Lynn, blessed with two children

Janson and Lynn make a wonderful pair together and we cannot help but get smitten by the sublimity of the couple. 

American songwriter Chris Janson and his wife Kelly Lynn

Source: tasteofcountry

Chris Janson openly confesses how the birth of Georgia, his first baby, changed his life for good. Becoming a dad changed him both as a person and a professional. Jesse Bo, his son, and second blood child was born in 2014.

On the occasion beautiful moment, the singer said;

“Kids really changed my world, for the better. When we got married I took on two wonderful kids and that was awesome. Soon after came my first blood, a sweet little girl. God is so good and has blessed us in so many ways. These kids are truly gifts, we are thankful, and I love being a dad.”

Janson often recalls his hardships and his indulgence with alcohol back in the days. He even penned a song (Holdin’ Her) about how Kelly turned the tides around in his life, the song was an instant success. Janson and Lynn are now married for six years and are parents to four babies— two they had together and the two from Kelly’s previous relationship— Chris lovingly refers the babies as ‘Bonus kids’. Their love, however, remains unblemished. Chris Janson’s appeal grows colossal day by day and Nashville Gab went steps further and labeled him as the future of country music.

There has never been a rumor of a rift or divorce between Janson and his wife Lynn. This is the perfect testament to what a relationship should be like. Janson and Lynn’s love story transcends emotion, sympathy, genuine love, and commitment. “I saw my wife for the first time nine years ago and called it right off the bat; I said I was gonna marry her,” he recalls. “Three years later, I got the opportunity, and I did it.”

Singer Chris Janson and vocalist Kelly Lynn

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Chris Janson and Kelly Lynn share an unflinching love and compassion for each other. Personally, they are inseparable and professionally they ooze magic with their music. Lynn is Chris’s co-manager and also writes with him. Janson is one lucky guy to boast a wife as relevantly talented as Lynn is!!!

Apart from his family predilections, Janson is equally caring about his fans too. He prefers to interact with his fans through social networking sites where he posts about the daily happenstances in his life.

We genuinely hope that the bond and the camaraderie that Chris Janson and Kelly Lynn share shall escalate further. Chris Janson, Kelly Lynn, and their children do make a happy family in every sense.