Mark Zuckerberg Biography

Published On Mar 01, 2017
Facts of Mark Zuckerberg
Date of Birth: 1984 , May-14
Birth Nation: United States
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inch
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Mark Zuckerberg was interested in programming from his childhood, he had learned several programming courses before he attends Harvard University. He first launched facemash for fun but later it turns out into social issues and led to shutting down. Later mark apologized and began writing code for Facebook which also turns into controversy and settled with $ 300 Million.

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from Harvard dormitory room which he gets inspired from Phillips Exeter Academy to re-connect with his friends, family, and relatives. Facebook was known as “The Photo Address Book” first which includes detail information and telephone numbers of the users.

Mark spread the new way of communication in different other school and university with the help of his some friends. Slowly they established their office and with the help of investor they were able to established and run their office well. Today Facebook has become the essential part of our daily life with more than 200 Million users which aimed to make the world open and connected with each other. 

Moving towards his persona life, Zuckerberg married his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, after dating for several years. They met at a fraternity party during his sophomore year at Harvard University and start dating each other. Mark who was brought up in Jewish family had no regards for religion but he is no more an atheist and has respect for all religions.

Mark earns the tremendous amount of money in his career where the big chunk of the amount came from social site Facebook. It has been estimated that his current Net worth is around $ 36.5 Billion and his company Net income was $ 10.217 billion last year.  

Mark Zuckerberg facts on timeline

Born in White Plains.

May 14 , 1984

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14th May 1984 in White Plains, New York. His father name is Edward a dentist and mother Kempner who is a psychiatrist. He has three siblings named as Randi, Donna and Ariella. He Holds American Nationality.

launched Facebook.


After the shutting down of facemash, Mark launched Facebook on 4th February 2004. Mark was involved in different controversy before launching facebook. He had paid $ 300 Million to his friends for claiming that facebook was also their part of idea and help during the starting period of the facebook.



Reached 500 Million user.

July 21 , 2010

Mark reported that the company reached the 500 million-user mark. Facebook became viral and was accepted by million of people. He also state that he earns the tremendous amount of money from facebook but is motto is to connect with the world and make world open.

Married to Priscilla Chan.

May 19 , 2012

Mark Zuckerberg married to Priscilla Chan on 19th May 2012. They met at a fraternity party during his sophomore year at Harvard University. They had dated for several years and married in Mark backyard in an event that also celebrate her graduation from medical school.

Gave birth to Maxima Chan Zuckerberg.

December 1 , 2015

After the three-time miscarriages of the baby, Chan finally gave birth to Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. He said that he felt confident that the risk of miscarrying was low so far into the pregnancy after chan had already suffered three miscarriages. They are living happily with their child these days   

Current Net worth.


Mark Zuckerberg earns the tremendous amount of money from his social site facebook. The user of facebook is increasing rapidly since the day of launched. The flow chart shows the increasing trend of facebook users and it has been estimated that his current Net worth is around $ 36.5 Billion.