Marion Cotillard and her boyfriend Guillaume Canet dating since 2007 and have a son Marcel Canet

Marion Cotillard and her boyfriend Guillaume Canet dating since 2007 and have a son Marcel Canet

Marion Cotillard stole all our hearts with her performance in the 2004 movie 'A Very Long Engagement'.  But she was stealing hearts long before that. She has been an actress in the French film industry since 1993. Her works have gained international acclamation and awards.

This Oscar winner's career is not the only thing that is seeing success since its inception. Marion has been in a relationship with her boyfriend Guillaume Canet since 2007. With a five-year-old son, this family seems to be going on strong.


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Marion and Guillaume started dating in 2007

This happy couple started dating in 2007. But that was not the first time they were meeting each other. In fact, they had already shared screen before that.

In 2003, Marion and Guillaume starred together in 2003 movie 'Love Me If You Dare.'  

These two share a burning chemistry even after almost a decade of being together.

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They are seen vacationing in exotic places, and they live in Paris so basically, their everyday life is bound to be romantic in the city of romance.



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Her Instagram is filled with artistic photos and creative arts.

Together they have a son named Marcel Canet.

They are not yet married. But they have a son

In 2011, fans and admirers were overjoyed to know that the beautiful Inception (2010) actress Marion was pregnant. In May 2011, Marion and Guillaume gave birth to Marcel Canet.

Image: Marion and Guillaume with their son Marcel

Marion sports a diamond ring on her ring finger. So fans speculated that she finally married her long-time boyfriend. But both Marion and Guillaume have consistently denied that they are married. Marion also has always referred to Guillaume as her 'boyfriend'. She has never publicly called him her 'husband'.

The couple seem more than happy to remain the way they are


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Marion and her French actor boyfriend Guillaume seem to have no plans to get married in the near future. They are content with being boyfriend and girlfriend with their lovely son. And even if they get married, they are probably the type of couples that would not get a divorce!

And when all is going good, is marriage even a necessity? This duo seems to think 'not really'.

What do you think of this couple? Are they going to get married very soon? Or are they going to stay like this? And do you think they share an awesome on-screen as well as off-screen chemistry? Let us know in the comments below.