Marijuana Users Celebrate the Biggest 420 Day in United States and Canada

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Marijuana-users from all around Canada and the United States celebrated the biggest 420 ever after a tenth state voted to legalize the drug. 

Stoners attended huge public events in Colorado, Denver, California, San Francisco, and the National Cannabis Festival in Washington, DC to smoke marijuana in unison. 

This year's celebrations were bigger than ever as 10 US states and Washington DC legalized recreational marijuana in the recent few years, while it is still criminalized in other. 

Pot-heads posted their photos online as weed-users celebrated their love of the plant on April 20.  

Marijuana-users have for years celebrated their love of the recreational drug on this day.

Once considered to be counter-cultural, this day is now celebrated widely and has been embraced by Corporate America.

April 20 is an annual holiday celebrated by marijuana users across the United States and around the world.


CAPTION: A girl smoking a blunt in Vancouver

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The origins of '420' as a numerical code for smoking marijuana are quite unclear.

However, some believe it started with a group of high school mates in 1970s California, who met at 4.20pm to smoke pot after classes. 

Canada celebrated the first 420 Day since the nation legalized recreational marijuana at the end of 2018. 

Marijuana legalization has been occurring since 2012 when Washington and Colorado were the first states to legalize the plant's recreational use.

Eight other states followed, including California,  Michigan, and Oregon.