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Home Gossip Maria Cardona and her Husband Bryan Weaver Married life

Maria Cardona and her Husband Bryan Weaver Married life

Ashmita Karki Fri Dec, 2016
Maria Cardona and her Husband Bryan Weaver Married life

CNN/CNN en Espanol’s political contributor Maria Cardona is a renowned Democratic strategist. She is married to Bryan Weaver for a long time. Cardona’s relationship with her husband is amazing that’s why her marriage is moving ahead without any issues. 

Today, on deck, we will let you people know about Maria Cardona and Bryan Weaver's family life, married life, children, and dating history. Scroll down to know everything about them!

Maria Cardona and Bryan Weaver's family

Cardona’s husband Weaver is a communist-activist. She has two adorable kids, a son and a daughter, with Weaver. Cardona has not revealed much about her kids’ identity. Maybe she wants to keep them away from media attention. However, she lives with her husband and children in Washington D. C.

Image: Maria Cardona and Bryan Weaver with their kids

Maria Cardona is very concerned about her kids

Despite being such a busy woman, Cardona is very close to her children. She makes sure that her kids get the right care from her as she has been raising them in a different bilingual household.

Cardona also spends time in her children’s education at home. In an interview, she said: "I make my kids do math every day, and we make it fun—especially with my daughter, who’s very good at math, by the way."

Image: Maria Cardona

Maria Cardona and Bryan Weaver are serious about their kids' education

Not only Cardona but her husband is also equally involved in the upbringing of their kids. Cardona further said, “My husband and I are very involved in our kids’ education. He jokes that I’m going to be ‘one of those mothers,’ to which I say, ‘Hell yes."

Image: Maria Cardona's husband Bryan Weaver

Maria Cardona compares herself with Latinos

Cardona compares herself with the ladies of the Hispanic community. She revealed “I have the luxury to be one of those mothers. But many mothers, especially in the Hispanic community, are working two to three jobs or are punching the clock and can’t make it to parent-teacher conferences.

Image: Maria Cardona

Maria Cardona and Bryan Weaver's married life

Cardona and her husband are really close. They share a very strong bond with one another. They seem to be understanding and supportive. This might be one of the reasons behind the success of their marriage.

Cardona, who has been very faithful towards her husband, has received equal devotion from Weaver as well. Even after being married for so many years, there is no rumor of divorce between this couple.