Italian Singer Marcella Bella's Married Life With Husband Mario Merello: Their Relationship & Children

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Italian singer Giuseppa Marcella Bella, a.k.a. Marcella Bella, is the sister of famous singer and songwriter Gianni Bella. Currently 65-years-old, the Italian beauty is presently married to her husband Mario Morelli. In their decade-long marriage, they have three children who are all grown-ups.

Bella is an elite singer of her age, and her singing skills are not only limited to Italian. She has also covered songs in English, Spanish and German.

Let’s find out more about her marital life with husband Mario Morelli, their children, and her past affairs.

Marcella Bella’s Marital Relationships With Husband Mario Morelli: Children

Everyone who is a fan of Bella knows that she is a married woman and her husband is Mario Morelli. However, the details of their marriage are still a mystery.

There are no records on when they got married and how they met and when they started dating.

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However, we assume that they got married somewhere around the mid or late 1970s. Their first child was born in 1980.

Moving on to their children, the pair had their first child, a son Giacomo in 1980. He is currently 38-years-old.

Likewise, 11 years after the birth of their first child, the couple finally had their second child, a daughter Carolina, in 1991. She is currently 27-years-old. Two years later in 1993, their youngest child, a son Tommaso, who is presently 25-years-old, was born.

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So, it is safe to assume that the pair has been together for more than three decades and it is shocking how there are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce.

Marcella Bella’s Past Affairs and Relationships

Having her first child at the age of 28, we are sure that she had a fair share of fun when it comes to dating before getting married.

She was considered one of the most beautiful people at the time, and there are no doubts that numerous men wanted to get married to her.

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Unfortunately, there are no records of her past relationships and affairs. It does not come as a shock because even her marriage date is unknown.



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Nonetheless, Bella and Morelli are still genuinely in love, and numerous pictures of them together can be found on the internet. They are indeed the ultimate marriage goals.