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Home Gossip American Actor Terrence Howard's Love Life: His Unsuccessful Marriages and Girlfriends

American Actor Terrence Howard's Love Life: His Unsuccessful Marriages and Girlfriends

Blueprince Sun Jul, 2018
American Actor Terrence Howard's Love Life: His Unsuccessful Marriages and Girlfriends

Famous actor and singer Terrence Howard has been married four times. And Out of his marriage, he has five children and two grandchildren. Not to mention, but his love life and relationships have always attracted public interest.  

But how responsible is he as a person? Where does he stand when it comes to treating women and his wives? Here, we are going to discuss all his spouse, and also find out about his affairs.

Terrence Howard’s Marriages and Affairs

Terrence Howard has proved himself to be a chic-magnet and has married four times, each time with a different girl. Reports claim him to be a violent person when it comes to dealing with girls. Let's find out, how?

Terrence Howard and his first wife

Howard married his first wife Lori McCommas back in 1994. Howard and McCommas filed for a divorce in 2000 and finalized it in 2003. However, they remarried again in 2005.

CAPTION: Terrence and Lori
SOURCE: dailymail

Their story did not end at this as they filed a divorce again for the second time in 2007. The reasons for their divorce was domestic violence which Howard later accepted in an interview with Rolling Stone in September 2015.

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Terrence's Marriage With Michelle Ghent

Howard married his second wife Michelle Ghent in 2010. Soon after their marriage, Michelle accused Howard of punching her in the face.

She filed a divorce in January 2011, and a restraining order against him in December 2011.

CAPTION: Assualt on Ghent SOURCE: nypost

 Ghent also accused him of assaulting her, but 3 years later, in a civil complaint filed in 2015.

Terrence and Mira Pak

Terrence met his third wife Mira Pak in 2013. She is a former model and a restaurateur. Despite it being his third marriage, he could not be with her for long. 

Like his other marriages, his relationship with Mira also ended in 2015 in a divorce.

Other Affairs

He also had a brief affair with ex-girlfriend May Seng Yang, while he was still married to Michelle Ghent. She has accused him of choking her, pushing her to the floor and punching her in 2012.

Yang claimed that he threatened her with an X-Acto blade to his wrist after she confronted him with a dozen phone numbers of different women.

Terrence Howard’s children

Howard is the father to five children and two grandchildren. He has three children with his first wife Lori. They are daughters, Aubrey and Heaven, and a son Hunter.

He was later a grandfather owing to his daughter Aubrey’s children. His granddaughter was born in December 2012, and a grandson Adrian who was born in 2015.

CAPTION: Terrence, with wife Lori and children