Mandy Moore Opens Up About Her Virginity; Says Wilmer Valderrama Was Lying

Updated On 07 Jun, 2018 Published On

During an interview with the SiriusXM with Howard Stern, Mandy Moore opened up about her virginity and stated that Wilmer Valderrama was lying about taking her virginity. 

On Wednesday, June 6, Mandy was interviewed by Howard about her This is Us audition with Milo Ventimiglia, her salary, and the end of the hit show. While in conversation, Stern discussed her past relationships, including Valderrama. 

While talking about him, Stern remembered his 2006 interview which made headlines for his announcement of taking Moore's virginity. Revising back the story, the 34 years' old revealed that there was no truth to Wilmer's Story. 

I dated him when I was 16 and 17.

She further added, 

I love him and I still love him, and he's a very good friend and that's why I was so shocked by it because not only was it a fib, but it was so unlike him, it was so uncharacteristic.

Moore, who is rumored to be dating Milo, later opened up about where she met Wilmer. She said in her interview that she met her ex at a photo shoot when she was 15. According to her, Wimer was her first real true boyfriend. 

With emphasis, she again adds, 

But, he did not take my virginity!

 Moore had already talked about the interview that was taken some 12 years ago and said she was hurt back in the same year of the announcement. She called him and asked where all of this came from and she remembers him trying to explain his behavior. 

She recalls saying, 

Why would you ever talk about that (virginity) to anybody? And lie about it, first of all?

Even though it was in the past, she has already moved past it now. Later, Stern recalls Valderrama calling him to take the interview down.