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Home Gossip Mandy Moore married Taylor Goldsmith in 2018 after divorcing ex-husband Ryan Adams

Mandy Moore married Taylor Goldsmith in 2018 after divorcing ex-husband Ryan Adams

Ashmita Karki Fri Mar, 2017
Mandy Moore married Taylor Goldsmith in 2018 after divorcing ex-husband Ryan Adams

If you are a romantic movie freak, A Walk to Remember might be one among your most favorite list. We can’t agree more that the movie’s star Mandy Moore was once the lady of every man’s dream. However, she got officially off the market in 2009 when she married Ryan Adams.

In June 2016, Moore listed her name among the long list of divorced celebrities as she dissolved her marriage with Adams. You might be shocked to know that Moore was in a relationship with Taylor Goldsmith even before her divorce was finalized.

Yes, you read it right. The pair started dating back in July 2015 and later got married three years after enjoying a healthy relationship. Scroll down to know Mandy Moore' married life, divorce issues, children, and more:

Mandy Moore married life with Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore is married twice and divorced once. After divorcing the first husband Ryan Adams, she got married to husband Taylor Goldsmith since July 2015. The couple, after enjoying two years long dating life, got engaged.

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Just a year after being engaged, Many Moore married Taylor Goldsmith on November 18, 2018. The pair got married in an intimate backyard ceremony.

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Mandy Moore dating rumors with Milo Ventimiglia

Many of Moore’s fans thought that the This is Us co-stars Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are real-life couples. Sadly, that’s not true as Moore and Ventimiglia don’t share any off-screen chemistry, rather they are great friends.

E! News reported that Ventimiglia said he would never date his co-stars, but still he shared great words for Moore as he designated her as one of the kindest women and a fantastic performer.

Image: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia

Image: Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia  Source: Daily Mail

Similarly, Moore also talked about her co-star to Et online. She told that she thinks Ventimiglia as a special guy who makes it hard for her just to love him. She also feels safe and protected with him.

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Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith breakup on-screen

Even though Moore’s relationship with Goldsmith, since 2015, is going great they broke up on-screen in the song ‘Roll with the Punches.’ MTV news reported Goldsmith hires a construction company in the song, which is a breakup song, and all of their belongings are sliced in half.

Watch 'Roll with the Punches' music video:

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith praises one another

Goldsmith praised his wife and her acting skills in an interview with Entertainment daily as he said despite spending the day as a devastated couple for the song. It was easy for her to get out of her character and laugh with him in between the shots.


Happy Birthday to my very favorite person. You are the best of the best, T. ??????

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It seems like Moore has found love again in Goldsmith as she is pleased with him. She even said that Goldsmith is a gem of a person and she really feels lucked out.

Image: Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

Image: Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith  source: Daily Mail

Moore is a beautiful person inside-out who believes that women should learn to prioritize themselves first before anyone else and listen to their instincts. We hope Moore’s instincts are keeping her in safe hands as she has already failed her first marriage with Ryan Adams.

We convey our best wishes to Moore for her new relationship with Taylor Goldsmith. We hope she doesn’t have to pass through the bitter experience of divorce again.

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