Man Arrested for Years Old Stanford University Cold-Case Murder

Updated On 20 May, 2019 Published On

The decades-old Stanford University cold-case murder was linked to a suspect John Getreu, who was arrested six months ago. Officials found him being linked to that murder through DNA, authorities have confirmed.

Stanford grad Leslie Perlov and a Stanford football coach's daughter Janet Taylor, were killed in 1973 and 1974 respectively.

They were each last seen leaving Stanford University before being strangled. Both of them were 21.

74-year-old John was charged with the murder of Janet, six months after being charged with Leslie’s murder.

His convictions also included for the rape and murder of a girl of age 16 in Germany more than five decades ago and for the rape of a California woman in 1975.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has brought the latest charges. The department said in a press release that they had always believed that Taylor and Perlov killings were connected to each other.

The news release said,

For many years, both killings remained unsolved despite the sincere efforts of seasoned investigators.

The arrest came after Santa Clara investigators submitted DNA from the crime scene of Leslie to the genealogy website GEDMatch.

Through the investigation, officials determined that the DNA belonged to John who is from Hayward, California.

After taking him into custody in November, San Mateo officials found DNA matching his on clothing worn by Taylor.

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