Mama June Shannon underwent Painful Surgery and attains Size four from 460 pounds

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Another body transformation news has been making headlines recently, after Gabourey Sidibe it is time for the world to find out about another star who went through drastic body transformation and she looks sizzling hot in her new avatar.

At the age of 37 reality star finally acquired the body that she deserved. She went through weight reduction surgery and was left with excessive skin on her body after surgery. She dropped more than 136 kg weight to fit into size 4 dresses.

Reality star Mama June Shannon on Friday episode of Not to Hot

Though she underwent series of surgeries to remove weight, this surgery was the most dangerous one. As the risk was high for surgeons to remove her wrinkly skin from neck and breast area. We saw Jun's daughter Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo's Reaction on Friday's final episode of From Not to Hot and it was pretty interesting.

Mama June Shannon 

Two of her children Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo were super worried in their Georgia home and kept waiting and praying that everything goes all right. The surgery went about five hours and the real problem was her excess skin which took some extra hours for the doctors.

June herself was worried about her after surgery looks and after her surgery, she from the hospital bed said, I hate my body more, as I look like a mummy now but after the bandage was removed the world could not believe what was underneath those fat, it was sexy Cinderella She added Buy-buy turkey neck and batwing arms.

She on First April tweeted  

She after her skin removal surgery said her body looks like Frankenstein and hates her decision of weight correction and body transformation.

But when Friday final episode finally aired we saw a beauty queen on TV screens. She looked a hotter than ever. And she is now an authentic size four star.