Maite Perroni, 33. online popularity. Is she engaged with any affair?

Updated On 03 Apr, 2016 Published On

Maite Perroni these days is popular with her online presence. This 33 years old lady has been featured in various sites of social pages. Mostly, she is featured in Instagram where her excellent pictures can be seen and she keeps on posting her latest pictures over there which is followed by many of her fans across. Maite is pure by her heart and she is focused on her career where even she shares her personal experiences with her people. Maite also posts interesting facts within Twitter also grabs attention among her people. In the latest picture, it can be seen that she is with her blue dress with a diamond necklace that perfectly suits her.

Maite is also asked to get married by her fans but she is saying it is too early for her to get married and be into the committed relationship, therefore, it needs still few more of the years to get and be into the relationship by now. In a previous time, she was in an affair with Guido Laris who is a popular musical director as well as RBD’s Bassist. They were dating from the year 2005 with the result of engagement but that ended their relationship in August 2008. Maite again for the second time she again started her affair with Carlos de la Mota who was also belonging as an actor and their relationship started in the year 2010 which lasted for 4 months of time. Again she started dating with Mane de la Parra and they started running their time from October 2010 which ended again in December 2012. Her song titled “Te Tuve y Te Perdi” is dedicated with her love.

Maite is currently having her date as Koko Stambuk who is a music producer. Maite keeps on posting their couple pictures in the social pages is also the reason of their attention among social sites.