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lyse Doucet rumors about her career and affair stories.

Shristy Nepal Tue Mar, 2016
lyse Doucet rumors about her career and affair stories.

Lyse Marie Doucet also known as Lyse Doucet is 57 years popular journalist from Canada. Having a diverse ancestor background of Irish, Migmaw and of course Acadian her accent is a little than the usual accents we get to hear. She can fluently speak English, French and Persian.

Lyse totally owes her name and fame to her hard work in BBC World News and also in BBC Radio 4. From day one she quite proved that Lyse was going to make a remarkable journey in field of journalism through BBC. Well she did she has been in BBC as “Chief International Correspondent” for three decades now. Her salary or even her net worth trend is unknown to media.

After getting her graduation in Arts and post-graduation in International Affairs from University of Toronto she gave a kick start to career life. In initial phase Lyse had to report from various places like Africa, Middle-east and Afghanistan. Being a war period it added more troubles during her reporting phase. She also played huge role in covering of “Arab Spring” from Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. She has been remarkable in her work and has earned herself a lot of fans.

Her recent works includes documentary in 2014 on “Children of Syria” and “Children of the Gaza war” in 2015. Her outstanding works has led her to win different awards and a chance to be nominated in different categories. Her recent achievements includes “Peabody and a David Bloom” in 2010 and she also won “Best News Journalist” in same year. She also won “Sandford St Martin” trusties award in 2015. Yet there are many others awards she was graced with in her career journey.

The 54 year old Catholic Doucet is quite successful in keeping her private life aside from her growing fame. She is rumored to be married and have some children but the news is not officially disclosed. The media is unknown about her external affairs or any sign of divorce in coming future. Let alone marriage Lyse hardly talks about her girlfriends. She has kept her identity closed better than a spy I say. But we are happy knowing she is doing a remarkable job in her life.