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Home News Luke Perry Leaves Everything To Daughter And Son As Per His Will

Luke Perry Leaves Everything To Daughter And Son As Per His Will

Suzan Fri Mar, 2019
Luke Perry Leaves Everything To Daughter And Son As Per His Will

Luke Perry’s Estate Passes Down All Of The Actors Properties To His Son Jack And Daughter Sophie As Per His Will

  • Luke Perry’s son Jack and daughter Sophie inherit all of his properties according to the late actor’s will.
  • The late actor well known for his roles in Riverdale passed away on March 4 after being hospitalized following a massive stroke.
  • His kids paid their respects to their late father via posts on social media.
  • The actor was taken off life support after a joint decision from his family including his then-secret fiancé.

Following the tragic news of Luke Perry’s passing his estate and legal counselors passed down his property to his son and daughter by his will. Jack Perry and Sophie Perry inherited all of the properties of the late star including his Los Angeles home.

CAPTION: A photo of the late Luke Perry SOURCE: Wikipedia

The 90210 star was worth $10 million at the time of his passing as of March 2019 which includes a Cadillac CTS-V whose cost starts at about $89,000, a Toyota Camry Solora $24,765 and his Los Angeles home.

Luke passed away after being hospitalized for a massive stroke, he was put on life support and was being treated for the stroke, but his family decided to take him off life support after advice from the doctors.

A source said that,

“Luke’s loved ones were hoping they’d pull him out [of heavy sedation] after 48 hours or so [following his stroke] but he never recovered. It was devastating."

After the sudden and tragic death of their father Jake and Sophie took to Instagram to pay tribute to him.

Jake posted photos with a very emotional caption, and Sophie also posted a picture of her with her father on the social media platform. Tributes poured in from every corner of the world and celebrities also addressed the unfortunate death of the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the notable names to express grief at the sad news. To add to this his former co-stars Shannen Doherty and Ian Ziering paid respects to the 90210 stars.

After his death, it was revealed that he was secretly engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer who was also part of the decision to take the actor off life support.  The couple was first spotted together in April 2017 while attending the GLAAD Media Awards.

Although their relationships were short-lived Wendy was beside him till the very end and said her final goodbye to Luke with his family.