Iowa Man Stabbed His Wife to Death With Corn Rake, Arrested and Charged With Murder

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An Iowa man, namely Todd Mullis, was arrested and charged with murder after he fatally stabbed his wife, Amy Mullis, 39, to death with a corn rake.

Todd reportedly killed his wife after learning she had multiple secret affairs with other men. As per the report, the victim had left notes warning that her husband might kill her.

The woman was found dead on November 10 at her farm that is nearly four miles northwest of Earlville.

Authorities initially reported the woman was fatally injured in a fall as her husband told 911 that no one seen what happened at the time.

But in December,  the initial suspicion of an accident was dropped down after an autopsy showed the victim had six puncture wounds on her body. Officials then said it was a homicide.

Todd is now with the murder of his wife. Investigators told PEOPLE that Amy was concerned that Todd could kill her because of their marital problems.

She allegedly told one friend, "You’ll know Todd did something to me."

Todd told authorities that the couple's son found their mom impaled on the corn rake and called him. He removed it and took her to the hospital where she was later pronounced dead.

The couple has been experiencing marital problems and Amy was caught cheating with multiple men, authorities learned.

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