Love Child's Ella Scott Lynch And Boyfriend Toby Schmitz Welcomes a Child: Marriage Plans?

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Australian born actress best known for her role as Shirley Ryan in the series Love Child, Ella Scott Lynch is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. She has acted on series such as Brock, NCIS: Los Angeles, Janet King, and several others.

The 35-year old actress is in a relationship with boyfriend Toby Schmitz, who is also the father of her child. The adorable child named Ziggy was born in May 2016. 

Scott is a very private person, and she was able to hide away news of her pregnancy from the media extremely well. To find out more about the relationship of Ella Scott Lynch and Toby Schmitz and their baby, continue to read below.

Relationship of Ella Scott Lynch and Toby Schmitz

Ella and Toby have been dating for a long time. Toby is also an actor and a playwriter and is the graduate of the same institute as that of Ella. He is credited for films like The Rage in Placid Lake, Somersault, My Last Ten Hours with You and so on.

The two have been together since 2008, but they have never made plans of marrying. It seems none of them believe that marriage is necessary to start up a family. 

Actress Ella Scott Lynch with her boyfriend Toby Schmitz

Ella Scott Lynch with her boyfriend Toby Schmitz

source: Daily Mail

The unmarried couple seems to be happy together in their small family. They sure seem to have a strong bond with each other. There are no rumors of their separation or being involved in long-term arguments.

Ella Scott Lynch's Children

Ella Scott being a private person had kept the news of her pregnancy up to her family. She revealed the news regarding the addition of the new member to her family only after a month of the birth of the child.

Even though Scott had already portrayed the role of being pregnant in series such as Love Child and Home and Away, she admits that being pregnant in real-life is scary. In an interview with Daily Telegraph, she said,

"It was totally terrifying. I wasn't expecting it would be quite that scary. You feel so vulnerable when you walk out of the hospital".

She also admitted that the motherhood helped her to understand her character in Love Child even more.

Since the birth of Ziggy, Ella has flooded her Instagram account with adorable pictures of her baby.


It’s official my kid is cooler than me and just stole my mate @harri_harri

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Hope Ella and boyfriend Toby stay happily together with their daughter forever. We also hope to see the lovely couple get married soon.