Louisiana HS students Arrested For Mixing Chemical into a Teacher’s Drink

Updated On 20 May, 2019 Published On

Two students from Louisiana high school were arrested by the police for a potentially fatal crime. The students reportedly mixed a harmful chemical substance in the teacher's drink and filmed it on Snapchat. 

As reported by the Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot, a 17 years old student from Eunice High School laced the teacher's drink with Krud Kutter, a cleaning solution, when the teacher was out for buying supplies. 

Among the two of the students, the girl mixed the chemical into the drink whereas the boy filmed it on camera.

Explaining the who incident, Eunice Police Chief Randy Fontenot said that the teacher didn't drink after a first sip because of the weird taste to her beverage. He said,

She did take a taste of it, She noticed a strange taste to her beverage. She discarded the rest and didn’t consume anymore. As far as we know, she did not drink or consume enough to affect her health.

The video was reported to the school authority by another student on Thursday. Also, talking of the crime, Fontenot reported that the student had no ill intention behind their activity and that they were just trying a prank.

Police have also confirmed that the students will not be charged as adults for their crime. Fontenot said,

We know it was a harmful substance that was being mixed. As far as an intent to commit murder or inject serious bodily harm, that we don’t have any proof. We don’t believe that intent was there.

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