Louise Minchin and David Minchin marriage nears 18 years as they show no indication of problems

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Some relationships are like god gifted. The more years people move,  the more flexibility and attention they gain from their partners. Not only love is essential for this factor, attention, and appreciation with full support between the partner are also important aspects for a couple to be closer. 

Among few of them, Louise Minchin and David Minchin are also a remarkable example of a couple who spent a long journey together. Louise, who is a BBC  tv presenter and a journalist,  initially working alongside Jon Sopel,  has a good profile in the media proceedings within successful height.

This 49-year-old lady having English ethnicity is recognized for her short hair. Being the mother of 2 children during the year 1998, she got married to David.

Louise believes peaceful family is the major reason for the healthy growth of the children. Therefore, it is already around 18 years of her married life with her husband still they have similar love and attention that they used to give each other in previous times.

She still remembers her first visit to him in the private party where they enjoyed an amazing time with each other. David's first gift to Louise was a beautiful diamond necklace, which is still with her as a memorable gift from her spouse.

Louise and David's love is expressive also on the social networking sites as well. She being a journalist is able to manage her time in the family with children and career side by side.

Also having such an understanding husband is the reason why she is satisfied with her married life, and their love has been one of the remarkable examples for their fans as well. David is very expressive and open in sharing his love and feelings towards Louise.