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Home Gossip Louis Stokes daughter, Journalist Lori Stokes net worth in 2017

Louis Stokes daughter, Journalist Lori Stokes net worth in 2017

Ashmita Karki Fri Jan, 2017
Louis Stokes daughter, Journalist Lori Stokes net worth in 2017

Journalist Lori Stokes is WACT-TV reporter who co-anchors the ‘Eyewitness News This Morning’. Lori is the daughter of a late attorney and politician, Louis Stokes. Lori is a very hard working and talented media person who has an amazing net worth of $10 million.

Looking at Lori’s dedication and passion towards her work, we must accept that she deserves each dollar of her net worth and income. Let’s have a close look towards her assets and career.

Lori Stokes expensive wardrobe

Lori is quite mysterious about her personal life but she is frequently active on her social networking sites like Instagram. 54-year-old Lori is not a shabby woman. She dresses very neatly and looks amazing in it. Her wardrobe often looks like it is designer wear and very expensive.

Image: Lori Stokes

Image: Lori Stokes


Lori Stokes wedding ring

In one of Lori’s Instagram post, she is seen posing for the camera. On that particular photo, Lori’s wedding band looks very dazzling and vibrant. It seems this wedding gift cost a lot to her husband. However, her husband must love her a lot to present her with such an expensive wedding ring.


Lori Stokes' amazing career

Lori first worked as a medical reporter and later joined WCIA as a weekend co-anchor in 1986. She also worked for WBTV in 1988. She started gaining popularity after working there. Later, Lori joined Fox station’s WBFF-TV.

From 1992 to 1996, Lori worked as a full-time anchor at WJLA-TV. She was the newscasts’ main female host. Lori also worked for MSNBC during the early days of the channel. She also worked as a newsreader for ‘NBC Sunrise’ and Weekend Today at NBC News. 

Video: Watch Lori Stokes

Lori’s pair with Bartelstein appeared to be a success. They got along really well with one another. Due to Lori’s hard work along with Bartelstein, they brought the ‘Eyewitness News This Morning’ in a top position. She also co-hosted ‘Eyewitness News at Noon’. Later in 2007, Lori became the solo anchor of ‘Eyewitness News This Morning’ and ‘Eyewitness News at Noon’.

This is how amazing Lori Stokes’ career has been. Thus, we can say that Lori is a very hard working and devoted woman who has a very prolific career and deserves every penny she owns. This is how Lori has managed to earn such a huge net worth of $10 million.

Image: Lori Stokes paying tribute to her later father Louis Stokes

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