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Home Gossip Lizzie Velasquez reveals she has no boyfriend and isn't dating as her focus is 'strictly on work'

Lizzie Velasquez reveals she has no boyfriend and isn't dating as her focus is 'strictly on work'

Ashmita Karki Tue Aug, 2016
Lizzie Velasquez reveals she has no boyfriend and isn't dating as her focus is 'strictly on work'

Lizzie Velasquez, a very famous motivational speaker, has inspired millions of youth worldwide. She is a beautiful person inside-out; however, she does not have a boyfriend. The reason behind this, according to Lizzie, is that she is strictly focusing on her work and her career.

Well, let's know in detail about her personal life and career in detail. Just stay with us.


Lizzie is diagnosed with a rare disease that prevents her from gaining body fat. Due to this, she was neglected, hated and bullied, which eventually inspired her to become who she is today, an inspiring speaker. By now, Lizzie has been successful in gaining much love from around the globe.

Lizzie and Roman Arispe

Image: Lizzie and Roman Arispe

In 2012, Lizzie was rumored to be dating Roman Arispe who is her best friend and roommate from college. This couple is seen appearing on their YouTube channel many times together. Lizzie and Roman met 8 years ago and looking at their closeness and compatibility, people started believing that Roman is her boyfriend.

In 2014, she uploaded a video to clear all doubts about her personal life. In the video titled 'DO I HAVE A BOYFRIEND', she reveals that she has no boyfriend because she is focusing on her career. Watch the video yourself. 

Video: Lizzie Valesquez: Do I Have A Boyfriend


In order to clear people’s doubt, Lizzie and Roman uploaded on video on Lizzie Valesquez’s YouTube channel where they clearly confirmed that they are not dating and are just best friends. In fact, if some of you are wondering if she has ever married anyone, the answer is no. Lizzie is not a married woman and never had a husband. Watch the video below:

Now, let's talk about Lizzie preference regarding a guy.


Lizzie Velasquez is a very hardworking girl. Not everyone can reach where she is today with the disease she is living with. During an interview with, Lizzie said, “I’m not dating right now – my schedule is so insane.

I would like to but right now there is no time!” We understand that her busy schedule is depriving her of getting a boyfriend but who doesn’t want to fall in love? She says that her ideal guy should have a good sense of humor, good values, not with crazy standards and he should be able to get along with her family.

image: Lizzie Velasquez

We totally love the idea of Lizzie’s perfect guy but her ideal date idea is more amazing. According to her, she wants to go on a dinner date with a drink or movie and a long walk accompanied by endless talk where they both can know each other. But sadly, Lizzie's current relationship status is single.

Watch her saying it by herself:



During the same interview, Lizzie opened up saying that motivational speaker Bill Rancic is the perfect man on her thoughts. She said, “I love Bill Rancic so so much!” Even though Lizzie has never met Bill in real life, he has inspired her in so many ways. That is the reason she adores and respects him so much and accepts that Bill is the ultimate perfect man in her thoughts.

Well! let's just hope, sooner rather than later, she finds some time for herself as well