Lisa Kerney's Boyfriend Patrick Kerney became husband and living happily

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Lisa Gangel, who married long-time boyfriend Patrick Kerney, five years ago, seems to be doing pretty well with her husband as of now. They seem to be living together happily with two children in Connecticut.

This beauty who is a graduate of the Lynn University, worked previously for the KXLF.  She then joined the KING-TV and worked there as a Seahawks beat reporter before joining the MLB Network. She is currently working for the ESPN. After meeting her husband through her sports casting job, they fell in love and started dating. After their engagement, they got married on June, 2010.

Lisa’s husband Patrick Kerney is a former Seahawk player. This 39 year old played for the National Football League (NFL) for eleven seasons as a defensive end. Lisa and Patrick have been married for five years and in all this time there have not been rumors which have arisen regarding their marital issues. None of them seem to have faltered in their love to each other and there have not been question about infidelity issues leading to divorce. The couple’s first baby was a girl. They also have another daughter together.

Neither Lisa, nor Patrick’s previous dating history and dating list have been flashed out in the public and they seem to have each other as their first and final love. Patrick Kerny has accumulated a net worth of 14.8 million dollars owing to his long and successful football career. Thus, with Lisa’s job as a sportscaster and Patrick being a personality with a huge net worth, the couple seem to be getting along pretty well in the economical level as well.

Thus, it can be said easily that Lisa and husband turned boyfriend Patrick Kerney have been living happily with their two girls at Connecticut and will certainly continue to do so forever. This couple has managed to inspire their collective fans by the love they have for each other and the chemistry that has managed to bind them together.