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The Globe Soccer Awards For Lionel Messi

Richa Tue Dec, 2015
 The Globe Soccer Awards For Lionel Messi

There is the very interesting news for the fans of Lionel Messi among his fans. This very popular Football Player Lionel Messi won the Globe Soccer Award. Barcelona along with the player who is the star of the team won the award as dictating him as a best player along with the team as a best team. He travelled across from Argentina just to attend the ceremony in Sunday. He also stated, this years is the luckiest year to him and glad to be dictated by such a wonderful award. He credited all his hard work, sincerity and honesty along with the love and support of his fans besides his success of the award.

The most interesting news about this team is that the team has won almost 5 awards during the current year 2015. The name of those awards is The World Club Cup, European Super Cup, The Copa del Rey, Champions League and the last one is The Spanish league Title. According to the team Lionel Messi is the backbone of the whole success and the team motivation. His styles of playing and hard work came across the conclusion within the achievement of the playing as according to one of the player.

Messi is happy and satisfied with his success. He is planning to go more in depth in his career with those awards he is more motivated in his sincerity of playing. Being as a best player of the year him also credits his wife, who is the key of his success. He is also having a fabulous night this Sunday meeting the best personal who are attending the award ceremony. He also states, he will be spending some of his few times in Dubai travelling the most beautiful places over there. He states, for any of the success team is the necessary factor.