Lil Xan Praises Ex-Girlfriend Noah Cyrus, They May Reunite 3 Months After Breakup

Updated On 19 Feb, 2019 Published On

Hoping for reconciliation! It's been nearly three months Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus broke up and the Betrayed rapper is now praising his ex-girlfriend on social media.

Xan, 22, took to Instagram on Wednesday, December 19, to share a photo of Noah with fellow singer Billie Eilish, and captioned the post, "I genuinely think these 2 are some of the best not only female artist but in general coming up rn!"

He added,

Yes I know things got sloppy but I see the world so clear now! And everybody stop with all the ‘your tryna get her back’ it’s not like that I just don’t see the need for drama or fighting and their both genuinely good people! And when I say coming up I don’t mean I’m a f—king bigger artist geez haha

Here's the post, check it out.

Fans praise Xan comments section for complimenting the Live or Die singer. When one user asked why he didn’t tag Noah, he replied, "I’m blocked".

However, some fans slammed the rapper for bringing up Noah. They also accused him of seeking attention.

He responded to those users via Instagram Story on Thursday, December 20. He wrote,

done posting for awhile f—k this fame s—t Ima get to the bag the rap game so gay lol if I would’ve known this is how things would’ve ended up I would’ve stayed at the trap 3 years ago.

Noah and Xan announced their split in the early September, one month after they started dating.

They had parted ways ended their relationship after they accusing one another of cheating on the social media platform.

The songstress addressed the tumultuous split in November. She told a fan via Instagram that "the relationship was [a] mistake."

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